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No time to waste! – Urgent appeal to the governments of the European Union and the United States

Ukrainians are fighting heroically for their freedom and democracy. But they are also fighting for our freedom and democracy and, if only for that reason, we must help them efficiently and without any delay. How much longer can they stand alone against the Russian military aggression? Time now counts in days if not hours, therefore, time to act decisively is now!

We thus urge you to do the following:

  • Provide all possible military and non-military help to the Ukrainians and assist them efficiently in defending their country now.
  • Impose the harshest possible sanctions on the Russian aggressor, including disconnection from the SWIFT banking system, immediately. 

In our country, due to historical experience, we know very well what totalitarianism is and we perceive sharply when freedom is in danger. We have also learned from history that aggression must be fought back immediately and by all means and that in face of evil one cannot remain neutral.  We accept the fact that efficient help to Ukraine implies costs and sacrifice on our side as well. But let us not be mistaken – at the gates of Kyiv the fight is not only for Ukraine, but also for us and whole free world!

Pavel Jungwirth
President of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic

Marek Vácha
Biologist and theologian

Appeal for download (pdf)

  • Štěpánka Vaňáčová: Za hranice genomu: luštění kódu RNA
  • Pavlína Maloy Řezáčová: Strukturní biologie a strukturou inspirovaný návrh léků
  • Robert Vácha: Od aminokyselin až k virům

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