Prof. Jiří Bičák, former President of the Learned Society, died at the age of 82

On Friday, January 26, 2024, Prof. RNDr. Jiří Bičák, DrSc., Dr.h.c., theoretical physicist, expert in the field of theory of relativity and cosmology, founding member of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic and between 2014-2016 also its President, died at the age of 82.


Jan Závada, founding member of the Learned Society, died at the age of 90

It is with great sadness that we have just received the news that Jan Závada, PhD, molecular oncologist, expert in virus genetics, and founding member of the Learned Society, died on Friday, January 5, at the age of 90.

Secondary school principals can nominate their students for the Learned Society Awards

The Learned Society of the Czech Republic announces a call for prizes for high school students for exceptional scientific activities in the natural sciences or humanities. Proposals can be submitted by members of the Learned Society, secondary school principals and the Association for the Support of Talented Youth of the Czech Republic.

Climate Change Communication Prize for AMO Climate Team

On 15 November 2023, the 18-member expert Climate Team of the Association for International Affairs (AMO) became the fifth recipient of the 2023 Climate Change Communication Prize. The organizers also awarded two honorary prizes in the same category for outstanding achievement.

Science & Popularization

Central European flora may be older than thought

Biogeographers have traditionally believed that most plant species in Central Europe became extinct during the last glacial maximum 26 to 19 thousand years ago. The study, co-authored by Milan Chytrý, shows that it could have been otherwise.

A computer model of the ear may help to improve cochlear implants

Pavel Jungwirth and his colleagues have developed a complete computer model of the ear. It will not only facilitate further research of the human ear but may also help to improve hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Popularising genetics and genomics on YouTube

Can we influence our DNA with our thoughts? Can the microbiome be considered a new organ? Will babies be born "on demand"? What is promiscuous DNA? Will men become extinct? How does DNA fit into a cell? Can there be silicon-based life? Did life come from outer space?


The Learned Society joins the call condemning anti-Semitism

Prof. David Jan Novotný of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University and Dr Věra Tydlitátová of the Faculty of Arts of The University of West Bohemia have formulated an appeal to their colleagues in which they warn against the growing anti-Semitism and ask the competent institutions to confront the prejudiced hatred...

Supporting Israel's universities

The Council of the Learned Society joins the Declaration of the Czech Rectors Conference in support of the universities of Israel and expresses its support for the Israeli people in their fight against the terrorist attacks...

The Learned society endorses the statement of the Czech Rectors Conference on the Russian attack on the university in Mykolaiv

At least ten Russian missiles hit two universities in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, on Friday, 15 July. The Czech Rectors Conference (CRC) strongly condemned the attack in its statement, which the Learned Society fully endorses.

About the Society

The Learned Society of the Czech Republic brings together prominent scientists working in the Czech Republic.

It is a successor of the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences. Its main aim is to promote the free practice of science in all of its manifestations, inspire the desire for knowledge and joy thereof, spread scientific findings amongst the public, and champion improvement in the levels of education and creative, rational and personally responsible social environment in the Czech Republic.