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The Learned Society is an association of distinguished scholars of the Czech Republic.

Its main goal is to support free conduct of research and furtherance of scientific knowledge.

In 1952, the Czech scientific community lost its freely elected representation - The Royal Bohemian Society of Learning (founded in the end of the 18th century) and the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts (founded in 1890). Many excellent scientists then became members or corresponding members of the newly established Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, however, this was a strongly politicised body which was dissolved after 1989. Efforts of distinguished scientists including Professor Otto Wichterle led in 1994 to establishment of the Learned Society as a new organization, which represents Czech science following in its best tradition.

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Regular session

2nd part: organized by Section No. III: Biology and Medicine


Public lecture

organized by Section No. II: Chemistry


Regular session

2nd part: No. IV: Social Sciences and Humanities