The Medal of the Learned Society

The Statutes relating to the award of the Medal were approved at the 96th Session of the Czech Learned Society held on November 18, 2003, as follows.

  1. The Czech Learned Society (hereinafter referred to as Learned Society) has established this Medal entitled "Medal of the Czech Learned Society". The Medal is awarded for meritorious contributions to the advancement of science. It may be awarded in memoriam.
  2. A proposal to award the Medal shall be submitted in writing to the Council of the Learned Society by at least three Fellows of the Learned Society. Additionally, the Council of the Learned Society may submit a proposal on its own initiative. Having given due notice of its intention to propose an award, the Council shall submit the proposal at a session of the Learned Society, and a decision is taken by a majority of the Fellows present.
  3. The Medal is awarded to the recipient by the President of the Learned Society or by a Full Fellow of the Learned Society designated by the President.
  4. Each Medal is engraved with the recipient´s name and it thereby becomes unique. The recipient also receives a diploma confirming the conferment of the Medal.
  5. No legal claim is attached to the award of the Medal nor is any material or financial reward connected with it.
  6. Costs for the creation of the Medal and its bestowal are borne by the Learned Society.

List of medial recipients

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