Science & Popularization

Central European flora may be older than thought

Biogeographers have traditionally believed that most plant species in Central Europe became extinct during the last glacial maximum 26 to 19 thousand years ago. The study, co-authored by Milan Chytrý, shows that it could have been otherwise.

A computer model of the ear may help to improve cochlear implants

Pavel Jungwirth and his colleagues have developed a complete computer model of the ear. It will not only facilitate further research of the human ear but may also help to improve hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Popularising genetics and genomics on YouTube

Can we influence our DNA with our thoughts? Can the microbiome be considered a new organ? Will babies be born "on demand"? What is promiscuous DNA? Will men become extinct? How does DNA fit into a cell? Can there be silicon-based life? Did life come from outer space?