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Supporting Israel's universities

The Council of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic joins the Declaration of the Czech Rectors Conference in support of the universities of Israel and expresses its support for the Israeli people in their fight against the terrorist attacks of Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Prague, 10 October 2023

Rectors of Czech Republic Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), members of the Czech Rectors Conference (CRC), are shocked by the development of the situation in Israel, which is exposed to terrorist attacks and in which a state of war has been declared.

These unprecedented terrorist horrors that have befallen Israel have had an adverse effect on all areas of the life of the people of Israel, including the staff and students of HEIs, which had to be closed.

CRC expresses its solidarity with all HEIs in Israel and, through its members and rectors, offers them its help, including psychological help.

From Saturday, 7 October 2023, HEIs of the Czech Republic are taking the necessary steps to provide effective assistance to academic staff and students in Israel, as well as to all those working or studying at HEIs in the Czech Republic. Currently, there are approx. 500 students from Israel studying at HEIs in the Czech Republic.

Europe must be united. The HEIs of the Czech Republic, whose rectors are members of the CRC, are ready to provide assistance to Israeli citizens in a difficult life situation, especially students and academics, and actively participate in humanitarian and other necessary assistance within the limits of their capabilities. CRC is taking and will continue to take steps that will enable effective assistance to the citizens of a country that has become a target of open terrorist aggression.

Prague, 10 October 2023

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Milena Králíčková

Council of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic

  • Prof. RNDr. Libor Grubhoffer, CSc. - President
  • Prof. RNDr. Martin Loebl, CSc. - 1st Vice president
  • Prof. Mgr. Pavel Jungwirth, DSc. - 2nd Vice president
  • RNDr. Ivo Starý, CSc. - Scientific Secretary
  • RNDr. Šárka Nečasová, DSc. - Chair of the 1st Section of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Prof. Ing. Michal Hocek, CSc., DSc. - Chairman of Section II. of Chemical Sciences
  • Prof. MUDr. Michal Anděl, CSc. - Chairman of the III. Section of Biological-Medical Sciences
  • Prof. Lenka Karfíková, Dr. theol. - Chair of the IV. Section of Social Sciences and Humanities