About the Society

The Learned Society of the Czech Republic brings together prominent scientists working in the Czech Republic.

It is a successor of the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences (est. 1784).

Its main aim is to promote the free practice of science in all of its manifestations, inspire the desire for knowledge and joy thereof, spread scientific findings amongst the public, and champion improvement in the levels of education and creative, rational and personally responsible social environment in the Czech Republic.

The Learned Society awards the Societas Scientiarum Bohemica, Ad Laudem et Honorem medals and a number of awards. These include the award for researches, for junior researchers, outstanding university and secondary school students and excellent teachers. It organises public lectures and discussions. The Learned Society issues resolutions and statements on important issues of scientific management and on current problems in Czech society.

The Learned Society of the Czech Republic was established on May 10, 1994, at a festive session in the Hall of Patriots of Carolinum, the original seat of the Charles University, founded in 1348 in Prague. Attending were 36 members of the Foundation for the Restoration of the Learned Society who became its Founding Members. 

New members of the Learned Society were elected at annual general assemblies as well as honorary members according to its regulations. There were significant changes of regulations accepted in January 2015 in which category of regular members was preserved, honorary members were changed to foreign members and emeritus membership was introduced.

There are 106 regular, 47 foreign members and 13 emeritus members in the Learned Society at present.

Pursuant to Act 83/1990, the Learned Society of the Czech Republic is a civic association. Its executive body is the Council of the Society.

The Czech Learned Society is a member of the Council of Scietific Societies of the Czech Republic.