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Storch David

Prof., Ph.D.
Born June 18, 1970 in Prague

  • Ecology – macroecology, biodiversity, evolutionary ecology, ecological theory
  • Member of Learned Society since 2018

Educational and professional preparation

  • 2013 Professor (ecology,Charles University)
  • 2006 Associate professor in (ecology, Charles University)
  • 1998 PhD in Zoology (Faculty of Science, Charles University)
  • 1993 MSc in Special biology and ecology (Faculty of Science, Charles University)

Employment and academic positions

  • since 1998 Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University (since 2008 director)
  • since 2004 Department of Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University (professor)
  • external lecturer at Department of Zoology, Biological faculty of the University of South Bohemia
  • 2002-2004 international fellow of the Santa Fe Institute
  • 2002 Royal Society fellow at the Biodiversity and Macroecology Group (led by Kevin Gaston), Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • since 2011 president of the Czech Ecological Society
  • since 2012 member of the committee „Fórum ochrany přírody“
  • since 2012 member of the advisory board of the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic
  • 2011 member of government expert panel on „Sustainability of functioning of natural resources“
  • 2008-2013 member of the panel „Animal and Plant Ecology“ of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
  • member of editorial boards of journals Vesmír and Fórum ochrany přírody

Membership and positions in selected international organizations and societies

  • editor of Ecology Letters
  • editor of Global Ecology and Biogeography
  • since 2014 member of ERC panel LS8 „Evolutionary, population and environmental biology“

Notable awards

  • 2015 Award of the president of the Czech Science foundation for the project „Macroecology beyond species richness: reconciling ecological and evolutionary processes driving spatial variation of diversity“

Selected publications

  • Storch D., Bohdalková E. & Okie J. (2018). The more-individuals hypothesis revisited: the role of community abundance in species richness regulation and the productivity-diversity relationship. Ecology Letters 21: 920-937.
  • Šímová I., Storch D. (2017). The enigma of terrestrial primary productivity: measurements, models, scales and the diversity-productivity relationship. Ecography 40: 239-252.
  • Keil P., Storch D., Jetz W. (2015). On the decline of biodiversity due to area loss. Nature Communications, 6: 8837. DOI:10.1038/ncomms9837.
  • Storch D., Keil P. & Jetz W. (2012). Universal species-area and endemics-area relationships at continental scales. Nature 488: 78-81.
  • Harte J., Smith A.B. & Storch D. (2009): Biodiversity scales from plots to biomes with a universal species-area curve. Ecology Letters, 12: 789-797.
  • Šizling A.L., Storch D., Šizlingová E., Reif J. & Gaston K.J. (2009): Species-abundance distribution results from a spatial analogy of central limit theorem. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A., 106: 6691-6695.
  • Storch D., Šizling A.L., Reif J., Polechová J., Šizlingová E. & Gaston K.J. (2008): The quest for a null model for macroecological patterns: geometry of species distributions at multiple spatial scales. Ecology Letters 11: 771-784.
  • Storch D., Evans K. L. & Gaston K. J. (2005): The species-area-energy relationship. Ecology Letters 8: 487-492.
  • Zrzavý J., Burda H., Storch D., Begallová S. & Mihulka S. (2017): Jak se dělá evoluce: Labyrintem evoluční biologie. Dokořán, Praha.
  • Storch D., Marquet P.A.  & Brown J.H. (eds.) (2007): Scaling biodiversity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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