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Růžička Aleš

Prof., Ing., Ph.D.
Born March 1, 1974 in Kutná Hora

  • Inorganic, Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry, Structural analysis
  • Member of Learned Society since 2017

Educational and professional preparation

  • Ing. (MSc.) - Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry - VŠChT/ University of Pardubice - 1992-1997
  • Ph.D. - Inorganic Chemistry- University of Pardubice - 1997-2001 - supervisor Prof. J. Holeček
  • NATO-Royal Society Fellow with Prof. Michael F. Lappert at the Sussex University in Brighton in 2003. He spent additional short term stays and lectured at foreign Universities (Dijon, Zaragoza, Brussels, Saitama, Zürich, Chemnitz, Graz, and KIT Karlsruhe)

Employment and academic positions

  • University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, 1999 - now. 2001 - Ph.D., 2005 - doc., 2011 - Prof.

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • Inorganic Chemistry Council for Ph.D. degree at the University of Pardubice - chair, 2007 - now
  • Scientific Board of Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, member, 2011 - now
  • Science Foundation of the Czech republic ČR 2009–2012 a 2015–2019, member of panel P 207, panel vice-chair and vice-chair of Discipline committee Physical Sciences 2009–2010, panel chair, 2017 - now
  • Grant Agency of Czech Academy of Sciences, member, 2008–2011
  • Inorganic Chemistry Council for Ph.D. degree at the Charles University in Prague - member, 2014 - now
  • Inorganic Chemistry Council for Ph.D. degree at the Masaryk University in Brno - member, 2014 - now
  • Council for Sciences of the Czech Academy of Sciences - member, 2017 - now
  • Physical Chemistry Council for DSc. degree at the Czech Academy of Sciences - member, 2015 - now

Membership and positions in selected international organizations and societies

  • Member of International Advisory Board of journals: Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Main Group Metal Chemistry and Crystals
  • Chairman of the International Advisory Board of International Conference on the Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin and Lead
  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry which will be held in Prague in 2019
  • Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry which will be held in Prague in 2022

Notable awards

  • Premier Award for the best set of papers on spectroscopy in 2002 by the Czech Spectroscopic Society
  • Bader Award for Organic Chemistry in 2008

Selected publications

  • Brynda, M.; Herber, R.; Hitchcock, P. B.; Lappert, M. F.; Nowik, I.; Power, P. R.; Protchenko, A. V.; Růžička, A.; Steiner, J., Higher-nuclearity group 14 metalloid clusters: [Sn-9{Sn(NRR ')}(6)]. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2006, 45, 26, 4333-4337.
  • Padělková, Z.; Nechaev, M. S.; Černošek, Z.; Brus, J.; Růžička, A., Solvent-Controlled Ring Size in Double C,N-Chelated Stannoxanes. Organometallics 2008, 27, 20, 5303-5308.
  • Bareš, J.; Richard, P.; Meunier, P.; Pirio, N.; Padělková, Z.; Černošek, Z.; Císařová, I.; Růžička, A., Reactions of C,N-chelated Tin(II) and Lead(II) Compounds with Zirconocene Dichloride Derivatives. Organometallics 2009, 28, 10, 3105-3108.
  • Šimon, P.; de Proft, F.; Jambor, R.; Růžička, A.; Dostál, L., Monomeric Organoantimony(I) and Organobismuth(I) Compounds Stabilized by an NCN Chelating Ligand: Syntheses and Structures. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2010, 49, 32, 5468–5471.
  • Vankatova, H.; Broeckaert, L.; De Proft, F.; Olejnik, R.; Turek, J.; Padelkova, Z.; Ruzicka, A., Tetrylenes Chelated by Hybrid Amido-Amino Ligand: Derivatives of 2-[(N,N-Dimethylamino)methyl]aniline. Inorganic Chemistry 2011, 50, 19, 9454-9464.
  • Chlupaty, T.; Padelkova, Z.; DeProft, F.; Willem, R.; Ruzicka, A., Addition of Lappert's Stannylenes to Carbodiimides, Providing a New Class of Tin(II) Guanidinates. Organometallics 2012, 31, 6, 2203-2211.
  • Turek, J.; Panov, I.; Horacek, M.; Cernosek, Z.; Padelkova, Z.; Ruzicka, A., Amino Group Functionalized N-Heterocyclic 1,2,4-Triazole-Derived Carbenes: Structural Diversity of Rhodium(I) Complexes. Organometallics 2013, 32, 23, 7234-7240.
  • Pinter, B.; Broeckaert, L.; Turek, J.; Ruzicka, A.; De Proft, F., Dimers of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Copper, Silver, and Gold Halides: Probing Metallophilic Interactions through Electron Density Based Concepts. Chemistry-A European Journal 2014, 20, 3, 734-744.
  • Fanfrlik, J.; Prada, A.; Padelkova, Z.; Pecina, A.; Machacek, J.; Lepsik, M.; Holub, J.; Ruzicka, A.; Hnyk, D.; Hobza, P., The Dominant Role of Chalcogen Bonding in the Crystal Packing of 2D/3D Aromatics. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2014, 53, 38, 10139-10142.
  • Bakardjiev, M.; Holub, J.; Machacek, J.; Hnyk, D.; Stibr, B.; Ruzickova, Z.; Ruzicka, A., Unique Stereocontrol in Carborane Chemistry: Skeletal Alkylcarbonation (SAC) versus Exoskeletal Alkylmethylation (EAM) Reactions. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2015, 54, 16, 4937-4940.