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Schreiber Vratislav

Prof., MUDr., DrSc.
Born June 29, 1924 in Prague

  • Endocrinology, pathological and clinical physiology
  • Member of Learned Society since 1994 (Founding member)

Educational and professional preparation:

  • 1943, graduation, academic secondary school, Vršovice-Prague;
  • 1945-1950, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague;
  • 1950, MUDr.; 1957, CSc.; 1963, DrSc.; 1963, Associate Professor;
  • 1969, Professor, clinical physiology;
  • 1956, first class certificate in internal medicine;
  • 1967, certificate in endocrinology.

Employment and academic positions:

  • 1943-1945, forced labour at Českomoravské strojírny, Prague;
  • 1945, laboratory technician (briefly), Third Medical Clinic;
  • 1946-1950, Physiological Institute, Faculty of Medicine, CU (demonstrator, assistant scientific worker; auxiliary assistant);
  • 1950, District Hospital in Děčín (two months);
  • 1950-1955, military service (in accordance with §39, Military Service Law);
  • 1955-1957, secondary physician, Third Medical Clinic, Faculty Hospital, CU, Prague 2;
  • 1957-1996, Laboratory of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Third Medical Clinic, Faculty of General Medicine, CU (successively: expert worker, scientific worker, independent scientific worker, head scientific worker, deputy director, head, clinic laboratories);
  • 1996, expert worker, part-time work as pensioner.

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies:

  • 1969, Vice-Rector, CU, abdicated;
  • 1990, member, Scientific Councils, First Faculty of Medicine and Second Faculty of Medicine, CU;
  • 1973-1992, alternating chairman, Czechoslovak Endocrinological Society; 1992-2001, chairman, Czech Endocrinological Society;
  • 2001, honorary chairman, Czech Endocrinological Society; chairman, Council for Popularisation of Science, AS CR;
  • member, editorial boards: Physiological Research, Experimental and Clinical Cardiology, Vesmír and Neuroendocrinology.

Notable awards:

  • 1957-1989, award, Czechoslovak Society for Occupational Medicine; award (twice), CS Endocrinological Society; award, CS Physiological Society; honorary membership, CS Endocrinological Society; honorary membership, J. E. Purkyně CS Medical Society; Purkyně’s Medal; award, Scientific Council, Ministry of Health;
  • 1985, Avicenum Award;
  • 1965 1988, State Prizes;
  • 1993, prize, Minister of Health;
  • 2002, „Premium Bohemiae“ Award, „Českému ráji“ Foundation of B. J. Horáček;
  • 2003, State Award „For Merit, Second Class“ of the President of the Czech Republic.

Selected publications:

  • Being an Outsider. In: Pioneers in Neuroendocrinology II. (J. Meites, Ed., Plenum Press, New York and London,1978
  • Fysiologie systému diencefalo-pituitárního (Physiology of the Diencephalo-Pituitary System), Thomayerova sb., SZN, Prague 1949
  • Základy pokusné endokrinologie (Fundamentals of Experimental Endocrinology) (with O. Schreiberová). Prague, 1954; 2nd ed., SZN, Prague 1957
  • Systém hypothalamo-hypofysární (The Hypothalamo-Hypophysial System). SZN, Prague 1959; English translation, Nakl. ČSAV, Prague 1963
  • Patofyziologie žláz s vnitřní sekrecí (Pathophysiology of Glands with Internal Secretion) Prague, 1970; 2nd edition 1973, 3rd edition l979; Russian translation, Avicenum, Prague, 1985
  • Stres. Patofyziologie, endokrinologie, klinika (Stress. Pathophysiology, Endocrinology, Clinic). (editor and co-author) Avicenum, Prague 1985
  • Medicina na přelomu tisíciletí (Medicine at the Turn of the Millenum). Academia, Prague 2000
  • Six translations of monographs or chapters in monographs
  • Eleven textbooks (chapters) or course books
  • Nine chapters in collective monographs (four abroad)
  • Six popular books, Medical entries in the Universum encyclopaedia (volumes 10, 4, and 1), Prague, Odeon, 2000-2003