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Petráň Mojmír

Prof., MUDr., CSc. 
Born March 28, 1923 in Prague, † AUgust 13, 2022

  • Physiology, biophysics, instrumental technology 
  • Member of Learned Society since 2004 

Educational and professional preparation: 

  • 1942, graduation, academic secondary school in Žižkov, Prague; 
  • 1945-1950, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague; 
  • 1950-1953, post-graduate student at the Biological Institute, later Physiological Institute, CSAS; 
  • 1960, Associate Professor in medical physics at the Faculty of Medicine, CU, Pilsen; 
  • 1990, appointed Professor of Biophysics. 

Employment and academic positions: 

  • 1942-1945, technical clerk in Ostmarkwerke at Kbely in Prague; 
  • 1949, auxiliary assistant at the Physiological Institute of FM CU in Prague; 
  • 1950-1960, post-graduate student, later scientific worker, Biological Institute and Physiological Institute, CSAS; 
  • 1964-1966, Department of Psychology, Yale University, New Haven USA.; 
  • 1960-1970, Head, Department of Medical Physics and Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, CU, Pilsen; 1970-1989, scientific worker there; 
  • 1989-2002, pensioner; 2002-present, 30 percent part-time position, First FM CU, Prague 

Membership and positions in selected international organizations: 

  • Czechoslovak Physiological Society 
  • Czechoslovak Microscopy Society 
  • Royal Microscopical Society Oxford, Honorary Fellow (1989) 
  • Editorial Board of the Journal of Microscopy Oxford 

Notable awards: 

  • 1946, Czechoslovak Military Medal for Merit, second class 
  • 1969, Vienna Erfindermesse [Inventors’ Fair] Gold Medal (for exhibiting our Institute’s microscope with tandem canning) 
  • 1987, Laufberger Medal of the Czechoslovak Physiological Society 
  • 1989, Honorary membership of the Royal Microscopical Society (see above) and the medal “150 Years RMS” 
  • 2004, Award of the Czechoslovak Microscopy Society 

Selected publications: 

  • Bureš, M. Petráň, Zachar: Electrophysiological Methods in Biological Research (1960) (three English editions; also translated into Russian, Chinese and partly into Japanese) 
  • M. Petráň, M. Hadravský, Egger, Galambos: Tandem-Scanning Reflected-Light
  • Microscope. J. Optical Society of America 58, 661-664 (1968) 
  • Petráň, Boyde, Hadravský: Direct View Confocal Microscopy. In: Confocal Microscopy (T. Wilson,. Ed.). Academic Press, London 1990, pp. 245-283 
  • M. Petraň, M.Hadravsky: Method and Arrangement for Improving the Resolving Power and Contrast. US Patent No. 3, 517.980 June 30, 1970 (Czechoslovakia claimed priority of application Dec. 5, 1966) 
  • M. Petráň: Vesmír 76, 616 (1976) and Vesmír 83 (3) M6, (2004) (in Czech on the microscope with tandem scanning) 
  • Translated several books by Jiří Procházka, especially those in Latin and German, into Czech and Russian, and also co-edited works with several other authors; published by CSAS Publishing House, 1954, 1956, 1971, and Medgiz, Leningrad 1957

Memoirs: editing in progress.