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Krejčí Jaroslav

Prof. JUDr, Dr. Lit. h.c.
Born February 13, 1916 at Polesovice

  • Emeritus Professor in Social Sciences
  • Honorady member of Learned Society since 

Educational and professional preparation:

  • 1935-1939, Charles University, Faculty of Law. Dr.jur. 1945

Employment and Academic positions:

  • 1940-1945, Central Union of Commerce, in charge of trade law
  • 1945-1949, State Planning Office, Department of National Accounting, in 1947-48 Secretary to the Chairman
  • 1950-1953, State Bank, Documenatation Department
  • 1954-1960 Prison and labour camp, coal mine and glass factory
  • 1968 Cabinet for the Theory of Architecture and Human Environment, Research worker
  • 1968 The Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna          
  • 1969 Lancaster University Research Fellow (1969-1970), Lecturer (1970-1973), Senior Lecturer (1973-1976); Professor (1976-1983), Professor Emeritus (1983-now)
    Departments: German Studies, European Studies and Religious studies, as Emeritus attached to the Department of European Languages and Cultures
  • 1993-1999 Visiting professor, Department of Politics and European Studies Palacky University, Olomouc
  • 1995- Visiting professor, Department of constitutional law, Charles university, Prague

Notable Awards:

  • 1946 Medal for participation in the Anti Nazi Resistence
  • 1948 Habilitated in macroeconomics at the Graduate School of Social Studies in Prague (1948, not approved by the Post-February Communist minister of Education)
  • 1975 Associate Senior member of St Antony´s College, Oxford
  • 1989 Wilson Lecture to the Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, US
  • 1994 Distinguished Speaker at the 1944 Conference of the International Society for Comparative Study of Civilizations, Dublin
  • 1998 National Merit by the President of the Czech Republic
  • 2000 Doctor of Letters honoris causa, University of Lancaster
  • 2003 Josef Hlavka Medal of the Czech Literary Foundation
  • 2006 Medal for the merits in the development of science (Societas scientiarum

Selected publications:

Books only (Those in English simultaneously published in the UK and in the US:

  • Důchodové rozvrstvení (Income distribution), 1947
  • Social Change and Stratification in Postwar Czechoslovakia (1972)
  • Social stucture in Divided Germany (1976)
  • Ethnic and Political Nations in Europe (with V. Velimsky) (1981)
  • National Income and Outlay in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia (1982)
  • Great Revolutions Compared, the Search for a Theory (1983); Czech version (1992); 2nd enlarged edition with subtitle the 0utline of a Theory (1944)
  • Czechoslovakia at the Crossroads of European History (1990)
  • The Civilizations of Asia and the Middle East before the European Challenge (1990), Czech translation 1993 (Charles Unïversity Press)
  • The Human Predicament, Its Changing Image (1993); Czech translation, (1996) (Charles University Press)
  • Czechoslovakia 1918-1922 (with P. Machonin) (1996)
  • Society in a Global Perspective (Slon Prague 1993)
  • České křižovatky (Czech Crossroads) (Elk 2001)
  • Postižitelné proudy dějin (Intelligible Currents of History) Slon 2002
  • The Paths of Civilization (Palgrave/Macmillan 2004)
  • Křesťanská Levanta (The Christian Levant) with O. Vodakova (2006)

Membership in Professional Associations and Scientific Societies:

  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies
  • International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations
  • Masaryk Czech Sociological Society
  • British Chapter of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences
  • Josef Hlavka Economic Institute (Prague)
  • Director of the Centre for Research into Socio-Cultural Pluralism at the Institute of
    Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Other Activities:

  • Reviewer of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

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