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Joint Statement in Support of Ukraine

On the sixth day after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, the representatives of umbrella organizations of scientists involved in basic research in natural sciences and humanities and academics in the medical and engineering sciences reiterate their condemnation of this reckless, cruel, inhuman, and senseless act, and identify with previous statements of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic. We call for maximum help to invaded Ukraine and call on the Russian aggressor to stop all fighting and to withdraw the Russian army completely from the territory of Ukraine.

At the same time, we express solidarity with our colleagues from Ukraine and with all the people of this cruelly tested country. The determination and heroism of the Ukrainians defending their homes, cities, the entire country, and its freedom and independence, inspires our deep admiration and sympathy.

Our respect goes also to the large number of Russian academics, artists, journalists, students and many others who have raised their voices to stop the war. This war not only leads to death and injury to body and soul, but also significantly erodes the trust that has prevailed for many decades among ordinary people in the West and East of the European continent. It is the voice of these people that we see as a hope not only for an end to this criminal war, but also as the seed for future trust between the states of the European Union and Russia.

Rebuilding trust will be a very long process. Its first step must be the unconditional cessation of fighting by the Russian aggressor and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. As academics from a small country in the centre of Europe, we are convinced that the path to future peace is not only possible but absolutely necessary, and we are ready to help in any way we can.

On behalf of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic
Pavel Jungwirth, President

On behalf of the Czech Medical Academy
Michal Anděl, President

On behalf of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic
Petr Zuna, CSc., President