Major Activities

The endeavour of the Czech Learned Society is determined partly by the historical tradition of its forbears, and partly from the general aims formulated in its recently enacted by-laws. Its principal aim is to encourage and support the free, self-directed advancement of science and the spread of scientific understanding and knowledge at every level of the Czech public. It also seeks to further the interests of Czech science and to increase its standing in the society. Of particular prominence is the development of inter-disciplinary communication at the national and international levels.

In the life of the Czech Learned Society, three main kinds of activity may be distinguished:

  • In the first place, there are monthly lectures by specialists from the various disciplines who present new results and research directions and endeavour to assess their general significance for the development of modern science. The ensuing discussion contributes to a deepening of inter-disciplinary communication between and among Fellows and the formulation of general principles of scientific knowledge.
  • A second important theme concerns the position of science in society, together with general problems in the contemporary development of Czech society. Central to this are the financing and organization of Czech science, an assessment of socially dangerous phenomena such as the spread and proliferation of irrational ideas in the public and social tensions arising from the transformation and adjustment following the post-Communist era.
  • Finally, the third area is activities connected with the organization of the Czech Learned Society. Here the main goal is the formation of a solid membership, after the serious deformations brought about in the scientific community during the previous regime.

The public presentations of the activities of the Czech Learned Society are addressed to the broad professional public as well as to decision makers and to the society as a whole.

  • In the first mentioned activities, particular significance is ascribed to the stimulation of scientific research in the form of awards conferred by the Czech Learned Society, in the category of Scientist and Junior Scientist and in specified categories. In recent years, an additional new category of awards has been introduced, awarding exceptional scientific activities of Czech grammar school students. Another form to publicise significant results of Czech science is their publication in decent scientific-popular journals and lectures for broader professional public.
  • The second type of public activities is represented by resolutions or statements by the Czech Learned Society on the important problems concerning the management of science and on present problems of life in Czech society. These are made known either in the public press or in direct addresses to the Government authorities and their representatives. A distinctive role is played by the annual General Assemblies of the Learned Society, including appearances of leading national personages and award presentation ceremonies. An important purpose is accomplished through lectures presented by leading, internationally respected scientists and representatives of top scientific institutions from geographically or culturally close countries.