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Nečasová Šárka

RNDr., CSc., DSc.
Born April 26, 1965 in Prague

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Member of Learned Society since 2018

Educational and professional preparation

  • 1979–1983 Grammar School,  gymnazium of Sladkovsky, Prague 3
  • 1983–1988 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague
  • 1988 – RNDr. degree, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague
  • 1988–1991 Phd study, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Prague
  • 1991 – CSc., Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Prague
  • 2010 – habilitation, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, France  (Diriger des Recherches)
  • 2013 – DSc. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic                                                                                     

Employment and academic positions

  • 1991–1995  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • 1995–2010 Researcher, Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Rep., Prague               
  • 2010 – date Head of the Department of Evolution Des and Researcher, Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Rep., Prague

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • 2011 – Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Mathematics
  • 2017 – Member of Steering Commitee of Institute of Information Theory and Automatization     
  • 2014 Member of Commission for Defence of DSc.

Membership and positions in selected international organizations and societies

  • 2005 Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
  • 1995 Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
  • Member of Editorial Board: Differential Equations and Applications, DCDS-S, Atlantis Briefs in Differential Equations together with M. Pokorný (Charles University) and Z. Došlá (Masaryk University)

Notable awards

  • 2003 Wichterle prize – Prize of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for young resercher
  • 2018 Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professor, University Würzburg

Selected publications

  • Š. Nečasová, S. Kračmar:  Navier-Stokes flow around a rotating obstacle. Mathematical analysis of its asymptotic behavior. Atlantis Briefs in Differential Equations, 3. Atlantis Press, Paris, 2016. x+96 pp. ISBN: 978-94-6239-230-4; 978-94-6239-231-1
  • M. Okada, Š. Matušů- Nečasová, T.Makino: Free boundary problem for the equations of one - dimensional motion of compressible gas with density-dependent viscosity, Annali di Ferrara, Sez. VII - Sc. Mat., XLVIII, 99 -108, 2002.
  • D. Bucur, E. Feireisl, Š. Nečasová, J. Wolf: On the asymptotic limit of the Navier-Stokes system on domains with rough boundaries,  J. of Differential Equations 244, 11, 2890 - 2908, 2008.
  • C. Amrouche, Š Nečasová, Y. Raudin: From strong to very weak solution to the Stokes system with Navier boundary conditions in R^n_{+}, SIAM J. Math. Anal. 41, 5, 1792 - 1815, 2010.
  • P. Deuring, S. Kračmar, Š. Nečasová: On pointwise decay of linearized stationary incompressible viscous flow around rotating and translating bodies, SIAM  J. Math. Anal., 43,  2, 705 - 738, 2011.
  • B. Ducomet,  E. Feireisl, Š. Nečasová: On a model in radiation hydrodynamics, Annales de l'IHP Analyse Non Lineaire, 28, 6, 797 - 812, 2011.
  • E. Feireisl, Š. Nečasová, Y. Sun: Inviscid incompressible limits on expanding domains, Nonlinearity 27 (10), 2465 – 2477, 2014.
  • P. Deuring, S. Kračmar, Š. Nečasová: Asymptotic structure of viscous incompressible flow around a rotating body, with nonvanishing flow field at infinity Z. Angew. Math. Phys. 68, 1, Art. 16, 15 pp, 2017.
  • N. V. Chemetov, Š. Nečasová: The motion of the rigid body in the viscous fluid including collisions. Global solvability result. Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl. 34, 416-445, 2017.
  • E. Feireisl, V. Mácha, Š. Nečasová, M. Tucsnak : Analysis of the adiabatic piston problem via methods of continuum mechanics. Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Non Linéaire 35, 5, 1377 – 1408, 2018.

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Luboš Perek is celebrating his 100th year

Founding fellow of the Learned Society and its doyen, astronomer doc. RNDr. Luboš Perek, DrSc, is celebrating his 100th birthday on 26 July 2019. He is an indelible part of history as the person who helped define cosmic space, he was the first to point out the issue of cosmic waste and was also a teacher to the most important Czechoslovak astronomers. Let us express our respect and admiration of the extraordinary scientific career of a person who worked tirelessly and continues to work. The Learned Society wishes Mr Perek health, optimism and joy in the oncoming years.


The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has appealed to the Hungarian President to support academic freedom

On Friday 19 July the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Learned Society of the Czech Republic sent a letter to Hungarian President János Ánder, in which they state their concerns regarding the situation in respect to management and funding of scientific activities in Hungary. An act, according to which not the Academy of Sciences, but a thirteen-member political committee, will decide on research, funding of scientific activities and establishment or closure of scientific workplaces, will come into force on 1 September.


The loss of Learned Society Fellow prof. Josef Koutecký

We regret to inform that prof. Josef Koutecký, a fellow of the Learned Society, a renowned physician and the founder of paediatric oncology in this country, passed away on 5 July 2019 at the age of 88. He founded paediatric oncology here in 1964 and a separate paediatric oncology department was then established at the Faculty Hospital in Motol, Prague in 1978.