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Čermák František

Prof., PhDr., DrSc.
Born January 30, 1940 in Prague

  • Linguist, specialist in linguistics
  • Member of Learned Society since 2000

Educational and professional preparation:

  • 1957-1962, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University (FP, CU), Czech, English and Dutch languages;
  • 1976, PhDr., in linguistics and phonetics;
  • 1990, CSc., in Czech Language (PhD); 1990, DrSc. in Czech Language (DSc);
  • 1991, Associate Professor in general linguistics;
  • 1994, Professor of Czech language
  • As specialist in linguistics, specializes in: lexicology, lexicography, phraseology and idiomatics, semantics, morphology, language theory, language methodology, corpus and general linguistics
  • Languages studied: include: Czech, Germanic languages (especially English, Dutch and Scandinavian), Finnish, Slavonic languages, and others

Employment and academic positions:

  • 1962-1991, Lecturer, Czech language, teaching foreigners, FP, CU;
  • 1991-1993, Head, Lexicography Department, Czech Language Institute, AS CR;
  • 1994, Director, Institute of the Czech National Corpus since its founding.

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies:

  • Prague Linguistic Circle
  • Committee Member, Vilém Mathesius1 Foundation
  • International Linguistic Association

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies:

  • Member, Societas Linguistica Europea
  • Committee Member, European Association of Lexicographers
  • Member, Advisory Board, European Society for Phraseology
  • Vice President, Technology Enhanced Learning in Research Led Institutions
  • Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
  • Consulting Editor, Language Design and Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics

Notable awards:

  • 1989, Annual Prize, Odeon Publishing House (translation of F. de Saussure)
  • 1992, Annual Prize, AS CR (for Dictionary of Czech Phraseology and Idiomatics)
  • 1996, Annual Prize, Union of Interpreters and Translators (for Dictionary of Czech Phraseology and Idiomatics)
  • 1997, Honourable Mention, Union of Interpreters and Translators (for Dutch-Czech Dictionary (Second Edition)
  • 2003, Award in Science, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
  • 2004, Award for scientific achievements, Minister of Education

Selected publications:

  • Six monographs (some with co-authors), eight dictionaries (with co-authors), over 70 original studies, two translations, 15 other work (especially textbooks), numerous articles.
  • F. Čermák, Typology of the Germanic Languages with Special Reference to Dutch. Folia Linguistica XII: 1/2, 1978, pages 65-106
  • F. Čermák, H. Lindroos, Stručná mluvnice finštiny (Brief Grammar of Finnish). Prague 1982
  • F. Čermák, J. Machač, J. Holub. J. Hronek et al., Slovník české frazeologie a idiomatiky. (Dictionary of Czech Phraseology and Idiomatics.) Přirovnání (Comparisons) 1982, Výrazy neslovesné (Non-Verb Phrases) 1988, Výrazy slovesné (Verb Phrases) 1994. Prague
  • J. Filipec, F. Čermák, Česká lexikologie (Czech Lexicology). Prague 1985
  • F. Čermák, On the Substance of Idioms. Folia Linguistica XXII/3-4, 1988, pp. 413-438.
  • F. Čermák, Základy lingvistické metodologie. Nástin hlavních principů na pozadí obecné teorie vědy. Prague 1993 (English edition: Research Methods in Linguistics, Prague 2001)
  • F. Čermák, Jazyk a jazykověda. Přehled a slovníky (Language and Linguistics. Survey and Dictionaries). Second Edition, Prague 1997. Third Edition, Prague 2001
  • F. Čermák, R. Blatná, eds., 1995, Manuál lexikografie (Manual of Lexicography). Prague 1995
  • F. Čermák, Prague School of Linguistics Today. Linguistica Pragensia 1, 1995, pages 1-15.
  • F. Čermák, Z. Hrnčířová, Nizozemsko-český slovník (Dutch-Czech Dictionary). Nederlands-Tsjechisch Woordenboek. 2nd Ed., Prague 1997
  • F. Čermák, Czech National Corpus: A Case in Many Contexts. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 2 (2) 1997, pages 181-197
  • F. Čermák et al., Frekvenční slovník češtiny, NLN Prague. (Frequency Dictionary of Czech)

1 The Prague school of linguistic thought and analysis was established in Prague in the 1926 by Vilém Mathesius.

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