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Bárta Miroslav

Prof. Mgr. Dr.
Born December 25, 1969 in Prague

  • Egyptology and Archaeology
  • Member of Learned Society since 2018

Educational and professional preparation

  • Since 2013 director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology,
  • Since 2010 director of the Czech mission on the pyramid field of Abusir, Egypt,
  • since 2009 professor in Egyptian Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague,
  • since 2008 director of the Czech mission to Usli, Sudan,
  • since 2006 deputy scientific director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology,  
  • 2003–2012: director of the ‘Western Desert Project’ on behalf of the Czech Institute of Egyptology,
  • since 2003: Associate Professor in Egyptology at the Charles University in Prague,
  • 2000–2004: vice-director of the Czech National Centre for Egyptology,
  • 1994–2000: scientific secretary of the Czech Institute of Egyptology,
  • since 1996: field director of the Abusir South project,
  • since 1993: member of the Czech Institute of Egyptology.
  • 1988–1994: Charles University, Prague, M.A. in Egyptology and Archaeology;
  • 1993–1997: postgraduate studies at the Charles University in Prague and University of Hamburg, Germany, Ph.D. in Egyptology in 1997

Employment and academic positions

  • Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Czech Institute of Egyptology

Membership in selected domestic scientific bodies

  • Director of the study program board for Egyptology, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Prague.
  • Member of the scientific board of the National Museum, Prague.
  • Member of the of the study program board for Ph.D. study of Archaeology, University of Western Bohemia, Pilsen.

Membership and positions in selected international organizations and societies

  • Member of the International Association of Egyptologists
  • Member of the American Research Center in Egypt
  • Member of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • Member of the New York Explorers Club
  • Editorial board member of the Journal of American Research Center in Egypt
  • Editorial board member of the Prague Egyptological Studies

Notable awards

  • 2001: Albright Institute, American Institute of Archaeology, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2003–2004: Fulbright professor at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 2005: prize of the Swiss Fondation Michaela Schiff Giorgini in Egyptological research
  • 2008: Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung fellow, Freie Univesität, Berlin (Germany)
  • 2011: Prize of the rector of the Charles University in Prague, for a major scientific achievement
  • 2012: Prize of Bedřich Hrozný, Charles University in Prague, for a major scientific achievement
  • 2013: Wasseda University Institute for Advanced Studies, Tokyo, Japan, fellow
  • 2014: W. K. Simpson distinguished chair of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, Dep. of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology
  • 2014: Inst. of Advanced Studies, Waseda University, Tokyo
  • 2017: Donatio Charles University, Prague
  • 2017: Best publication of the year award, Academia Publishing House.
  • 2017: Best scientific publication of the year award, Academia Publishing House.

Selected publications

  • Bárta, M. 2019 Analyzing collapse: the rise and fall of the Old Kingdom. American University in Cairo Press, Cairo. V tisku
  • Bárta, M.2018 Heraclitus law, punctuated equilibria and the dynamics of contemporary world. Terrorism: An Electronic Journal and Knowledge Base. Volume VII, No. 2 (June 2018), Potomac Institute, Washington, DC.
  • Bárta, M. 2016 Příběh Civilizace. Vzestup a pád stavitelů pyramid. Academia, Praha.
  • Bárta, M. 2016 Hérakleitův test. Lineární a cyklická povaha výoje civilizací. In Na rozhraní. Krize a proměny současného světa, edited by M. Bárta, M. Kovář and O. Foltýn, pp. 44-68. Vyšehrad, Praha.
  • Bárta, M. 2015 Ancient Egyptian History as an Example of Punctuated Equilibrium:  An Outline. In Towards a New History for the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Perspectives on the Pyramid Age, edited by P. D. Manuelian and T. Schneider, pp. 1-17. Brill, Leiden, Boston.
  • Bárta, M. 2013 Kings, viziers and courtiers. Executive power in the Third millennium B.C. In Ancient Egyptian Administration, edited by M. G. J. Carlos, pp. 153-175. Brill, Leiden, Boston.
  • Bárta, M. 2013 Egyptian Kingship during the Old Kingdom. In Experiencing power, generating authority. Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Philadelphia, November 5–11, 2007., edited by A. J. Hill, P. Jones and M. J. Antonio, pp. 257-283. Penn Museum International Research Conferences. vol. 6, P. Holly, general editor. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Philadelphia, Philadelphia.
  • Bárta, M. 2012 Journey to the West: The world of the Old Kingdom tombs Charles University in Prague, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Prague.
  • Bárta, M. 2011 Kolaps a regenerace: pokračující cesty minulých civilizací. In Kolaps a Regenerace. Cesty civilizací a kultur. Minulost, současnost a budoucnost komplexních společností, edited by M. Bárta and M. Kovář, pp. 19-46. Academia, Praha.
  • Bárta, M. 2011 Swimmers in the sand: [on the Neolithic origins of ancient Egyptian mythology and symbolism]. 1st ed. Dryada, Prague.
  • Bárta, M. a Brůna, V. 2006   Satellite atlas of the pyramids : Abu Ghurab, Abusir, Saqqara, Dahshur. Dryada: Plzeň.

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