Možný Ivo

Prof., PhDr., CSc.
Born August 31, 1932

  • Sociology, family sociology, social change
  • Member of Learned Society since 1994 (founding member)

Employment and academic positions:

  • 2004-present, Vice-Dean, development and public relations;
  • 1998-2004, Dean, Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University;
  • 1995-1997, Director, School of Social Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University;
  • 1997, visiting fellow, Institute for Human Studies;
  • 1994-1997, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University;
  • 1993-1995, visiting fellow, European School for Historical and Comparative Sociological Research, Amsterdam;
  • 1992-present, Professor of sociology and social philosophy, Masaryk University;
  • 1990-1994, Head, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University;
  • 1990-1992, Associate Professor in sociology, Masaryk University;
  • 1970-1982, marriage counsellor, Brno Marriage and Pre-marriage Consulting Centre;
  • 1969-1989, professional worker, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University;
  • 1967-1968, Deputy Head, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University.

Membership and positions in international organizations and societies:

  • Fellow, European Academy of Art and Sciences 
  • Visiting fellow The Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, Wassenaar
  • Visiting fellow Institute of Advanced Studies, Collegium, Budapesť

Notable awards:

  • Gold medal, Masaryk University

Selected publications: 

  • Status for the Poor. Essex, Centre for European Studies 1995. (Co-author with P. Mareš)
  • Social Consequences of a Change in Ownership. Brno, Spisy FF MU 1995 (Co-author with P. Mareš, L. Musil, I. Řezníček and T. Sirovátka)
  • An Attempt at Non-Economic Explanation of the Present Full Employment in the Czech Republic. Czech Sociological Review, Vol 3 (1995), 1.
  • Double Squeeze: Some Reasons for and Consequences of the Present Increase in Marriage Age and Decline in Fertility in the Czech Republic. Pp. 89-105. In: Rudolf Richter and Sylvia Supper (eds.):
  • New Qualities in the Lifecourse. ERGON Verlag, Würzburg 1999
  • Česká společnost. Nejdůležitější data o kvalitě života (Czech society: Most important data on the quality of life). Prague, Portál 2002
  • Sociologie rodiny: její vývoj, teorie a základní problémy (Sociology of the Family: its development, theory and basic problems). Prague, SLON 1999; II. vyd. 2002
  • Česká rodina v době pozdní modernity (The Czech family in the period of late modernity). in: Potůček, M. (ed.): Česká společnost na konci tisíciletí (Czech society at the end of the millenium). Praha, Karolinum 1999. pp. 27-37
  • Proč tak snadno… (Why so easy…) Prague, SLON 1990.II. Edition with a new author's introduction 2001
  • Modernizace české rodiny a mezigeneračních vztahů v mezinárodním srovnání (Modernization of the Czech family and intergenerational relations in international comparison). In: Mareš, P. and T. Potočný (eds.): Modernizace a česká rodina (Modernization and the Czech family). Brno, Barrister & Principal 2003

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