Awards of the Year 2018

Young Scientist Awards

  • Mgr. Martin Hrubý, Ph.D., DSc.
    Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR
    for significant scientific contribution to development of polymer radiopharmaceuticals and the methodology for their application
  • Mgr. Kamila Pacovská, Ph.D.
    Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Pardubice
    for excellent work in the field of philosophy and ethics

Grammar School Student Awards

  • Natálie Alferyová, Katka Mansfeldová
    Higher Vocational and Secondary Agricultural School, Benešov u Prahy
    for their joint study titled “Seasonal establishment of the presence of anti-microbial substances in selected species of plant and lichen”
  • Natálie Císařová
    Comprehensive School and Language School authorised to carry out state language examinations, Svitavy
    for her study titled “The study of the cytotoxic effects of bandage dressings containing silver“
  • Sabina Černá
    Secondary Veterinary Vocational School, Hradec Králové
    for her study titled “Inter-species and Intra-species aggression by the Eurasian Tree creeper”
  • Jiří Doležel
    Secondary Industrial School of Chemistry, Brno
    for his study titled “Development of nanoporous metal-medicament carriers”
  • Štěpánka Grunová
    Comprehensive School in Moravský Krumlov for her study titled “Creators and founders of post-baroque stone crosses in the Brno and Znojmo Regions“
  • Jan Hroudný
    Comprehensive School Židlochovice
    for his study titled “František Boleloucký and defence of the nation in the Židlochovice Region”
  • Tomáš Hurdálek
    Comprehensive School Kroměříž
    for his study titled “Tesla’s transformer with primary surge arrester“
  • Tomáš Perutka
    Comprehensive School Brno
    for his study titled “Expression of prime numbers in quadratic formula”
  • Tereza Pulgretová
    Comprehensive School of Alois Jirásek, Litomyšl
    for her study titled “Okolo Seče sedlák se vleče or the Fates of farming families punished by the totalitarian regime in the villages of Újezdec and Morašice“
  • Tereza Smutná
    Comprehensive School Brno-Řečkovice
    for her study titled “The effects of sub-chronic inhalation of PbO nanoparticles on target organs”
  • Kamila Starkbaumová, Petr Palivec
    Masaryk Secondary School of Chemistry, Prague
    for a joint study titled “Chemistry experiments for teachers of primary and secondary schools“
  • Josef Tomeček
    Comprehensive School of Jan Pivečka and Secondary Vocational School Slavičín
    for his study titled “Preparation of new adamantine-based ligands and the study of their supramolecular behaviour towards β-cyclodextrin and cucurbit [7]uril“
  • Jakub Vácha
    Comprehensive School Soběslav
    for his study titled “The mineralogy of the Říp Region focusing on garnets and tourmalines”

Learned Society and Neuron Fund Teaching Award

  • RNDr. Pavla Kodríková
    Comprehensive School Česká, České Budějovice
  • Mgr. Jan Kvirenc
    Comprehensive School Budějovická, Prague 4
  • Petr Pavlíček
    Mendel’s Comprehensive School, Opava