Awards of the Year 2016

Under 40 Scientist Awards

  • Ing. Michal Malinský, Ph.D.
    Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
    for contributions towards elementary particle physics and fundamental interactions theory
  • RNDr. Martin Ferus, Ph.D.
    J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry at the CAS
    for proving the formation of nucleic acid bases through asteroid impacts in the Earth’s early atmosphere

Grammar School Student Awards

  • Karolina Bodláková
    Česká Grammar School in České Budějovice
    for the study: ‘A biochemical characterisation of amylases in the guts of the Periplaneta americana cockroach and the hormonal management of their activities’
  • Eliška Bršlicová
    Česká Grammar School in České Budějovice
    for the study: ‘A survey of subvolcanic veins around Benešov nad Černou’
  • Barbora Čechová
    Matyáš Lerch Grammar School in Brno
    for the study: ‘The Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome helicase and its DNA binding preferences’
  • Marek Feith
    Secondary School for Chemistry in Brno
    for the study: ‘An analysis of selected markers for squamous carcinoma primary cell lines in the head and neck area’
  • David Machač
    Elementary School and Grammar School in Vítkov
    for the study: ‘Life in the Carboniferous sea in the Vítkov district during the period of  local falcatus and gracilis goniatite zones’ and for the study: ‘How plants perceive sound’
  • Hoang Anh Nguyen
    Grammar School in Cheb
    for the study: ‘Dirichlet’s Principle’
  • Tereza Pitrová
    Gramme School in Brno – Řečkovice
    for the study: ‘Late responses of the short-term action of cytokinins: glutathione and sulphur metabolism’
  • Petr Vaněk
    Jírovcova Grammar School in Ćeské Budějovice
    for the study: ‘Fluorite and its occurrence in Mutěnice u Strakonic’
  • Natálie Živná
    First Private Language Grammar School in Hradec Králové
    for the study: ‘Determining cytotoxicity of medicines for organophosphate poisoning’ and for the study: ‘Mycobacterium bovis with B cells’

Learned Society and Neuron Fund Teaching Award

  • Mgr. Petr Bašus
    Josef Jungmann Grammar School in Litoměřice
  • RNDr. Vladimír Vícha
    Dašická Grammar School in Pardubice