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Awards of the Year 2014

Under 40 Scientist Awards

  • Mgr. Vojtěch Hladký, Ph.D.
    Faculty of Science, Charles University
    for his monograph on Gemistus Pletho and other publications
  • Prof. Mgr. Jana Roithová, Ph.D.
    Faculty of Science, Charles University
    for her innovative study of elementary chemical reaction stages using mass spectrometry

Grammar School Student Awards

  • Marek Berzkowitsch
    of the Higher and Secondary Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Transport School in Děčín
  • Zdeněk Bouša
    of Brno – Řečkovice Grammar School
  • Jiří Bufka and Anna Vaňková
    of the Grammar School in Cheb
  • Jiří Guth
    of the Grammar School in České Budějovice, Jírovcova
  • Pavla Hlavatá
    of the Classic and Spanish Grammar School in Brno
  • Evžen Korec
    of Altis Grammar School in Prague 10
  • Jan Mazáč
    of Mendel Grammar School in Opava
  • Petra Oktábcová
    of Jan Palach Grammar School in Prague 1
  • Diana Řeháčková
    of Luděk Pik Grammar School in Plzeň
  • Emil Skříšovský
    of the Czech Grammar School in Ćeské Budějovice
  • Martin Štengl and Mikuláš Vlk
    of Masaryk Secondary School of Chemistry in Prague 1
  • Magdalena Šubrtová
    of Brno – Řečkovice Grammar School

Teacher Awards

  • Mgr. Jiří Růžička
    Jan Kepler Grammar School, Prague

Honourable recognition for excellent science popularisation in the Meteor radio programme

  • Mgr. Ivo Budil in memoriam
  • Marek Janáč
  • PhDr. Jindřiška Jarošová
  • PhDr. Josef Kleibl
  • Bohumil Kolář in memoriam
  • Oldřich Unger



International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation elects prof. Jiří Bičák a Fellow

The International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation was founded in 1971 with the objective of promoting the study of general relativity and gravitation, and its application in astrophysics and cosmology. It currently has over 1500 registered individual members, alongside a number of national companies.


Invitation to a Learned Society plenary lecture open to the public

The Learned Society warmly invites you to a lecture by Prof. RNDr. Martin Loebl, CSc. (Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics): “Paths”
The lecture is to be held on 23 April 2019 from 4:00 pm in rooms 205 and 206 of the Czech Academy of Sciences building, Národní 3, Prague 1.


Declaration of support for the student climate strikes

Declaration by the below signed members of the Learned Society and other scientists giving their support for the 15 March 2019 student climate strikes
Declaration (PDF, 36 kB)